'A Bolder, Healthier Future for the People of Birmingham and Solihull'

The Integrated Care Partnership agreed and published its 10-year Integrated Health and Care Strategy for the people of Birmingham and Solihull. This sets out our vision for the future and the improvements that we want to see over the next ten years for everyone who lives, works and receives care within Birmingham and Solihull.

It’s aim is a simple one: to improve life expectancy for the people of Birmingham and Solihull.

How was it developed?

The strategy was developed following extensive engagement with citizens, partner organisations and frontline professionals. For more information read the engagement report here. You can also find more information via the engagement pages.

How will it be actioned? 

It’s really important that this strategy galvanises action. To make a start on improving life expectancy, the strategy outlines five clinical areas to focus on:

  • Circulatory disease
  • Infant mortality
  • Respiratory disease
  • Cancer
  • Mental health