Since the beginning of the pandemic it has been inspiring to see that when communities, professionals and clinicians have worked together with energy and determination there have been no barriers they have been unable to overcome.

The bravery and resilience displayed by our 80,000 strong health and social care workforce every single day of the last two years has created an irreversible appetite for change and innovation. There is now an established expectation that in future the health and social care system will facilitate that same ‘can-do’ approach by enabling and fast-tracking improvement as a matter of routine, not exception.

It is this expectation than underpins every aspect of this Inception Framework for the new Birmingham and Solihull Integrated Care System: a single and simplified way of working between health and care organisations to enable new freedoms and opportunities for our communities, professionals and clinicians to build back services in the way we all want and need to care for our citizen’s needs.

There are many ground-breaking initiatives, programmes of work and projects that are happening within the system, and that are planned for the future.

Below you can find information around some of our flagship initiatives, and plans for the future.