What matters to you?

Finding out you are pregnant can make you feel happy, excited or shocked, confused and upset, everybody is different, it’s important to access services as soon as you can for a healthy pregnancy.  

After speaking with parents who are care experienced we were made aware of how feeling judged by professionals can often mean you don’t ask for help and support, we agreed this shared decision making list might help midwives ask questions to support you in accessing the services that matter to you!  

Your midwife wants to ensure your care is personalised and help you understand what services are available and how to access the services that are right for you and your partner.  

 It can be difficult to know what is available to support you during pregnancy and/or as a parent.  

To get this right we ask you to consider anything you wish to share with your midwife about your: 

  • Religious and spiritual beliefs 
  • Sexuality
  • If you need help with reading information and more time at appointments
  • If you need an interpreter

The document below can help you consider what matters to you. You can tick what you want to discuss with your midwife and add any other topics you like. Click on the button below to download the checklist.

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Information Video

Hear from care experienced parents, midwives and other health professionals about some of the support that is available to help care experienced parents and their child thrive.